What To Bring When Meeting a Mobile Notary

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time to visit a notary public’s office to have his or her documents notarized. If you’re middle of closing on a mortgage loan, for instance, you’ll probably be confined to the seller’s home or the real estate agent’s office. Thankfully, there are notary publics out there who specialize in on-site notarizations.            (more…)

What’s The Difference Between a Notarization and Attestation?

It’s a common assumption that “notarization” and “attestation” refer to the same type of act. While a state-commissioned public notary can only perform notarial acts, attestations are required for certain documents. So if you’re struggling to understand the difference between a notarization and attestation, keep reading for a thorough explanation of these acts and their respective purpose. (more…)

Can a Notary Public Notarize His or Her Own Document?

Some professional notaries may find themselves in a position where they need a document notarized. For instance, a notary public may create an advance directive (living will), stating his or her preferences regarding medical care in the event they are unable to make them. Since they are already commissioned as a notary public by their respective state, the notary may assume that’s it’s okay to notarize the advance directive themselves. This would obviously save both time and money, which is why so many notaries bring up this question. So, can a notary public notarize his or her own document? (more…)

What Do I Need To Bring When Having a Document Notarized?

Having a document notarized is a straightforward process for the most part. You bring the notary the document, he or she verifies your identity, and then the notary watches as you sign it. To ensure the process goes as planned, though, you’ll need to bring a few basic items to the signing. (more…)

Can A Family Member Notarize My Document?

This is a question that’s often asked by family members of public notaries. If someone is related to a public notary, they may request their services as a discounted price. After all, it’s not uncommon for family members to provide professional services at a reduced price or even free. But notarizing documents for family members is a touchy subject, and you might want to think twice before engaging yourself in such activity. (more…)