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In Florida, you have more options than couples in other states when choosing someone to perform your marriage: While you can choose a religious officiant, a non-denominational minister, or a Justice of the Peace, you can also request a notary to solemnize your marriage and handle the legal paperwork after.

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With the vast network of reliable notaries at Superior Notary Services, you can quickly and easily find a notary to officiate your ceremony. Superior Notary Services has been in business for over 20 years and is a trusted source for notaries across the U.S. and Florida — whether you’re getting married in Orlando, Pompano Beach, Boynton Beach, Tallahassee, or anywhere in between.

What You Need to Know Marriage Ceremony Requirements in Florida

Your wedding is one of the most pivotal moments, so naturally, you want everything to go well. To ensure your wedding is official, keep the following requirements in mind.

  • A wedding ceremony is only legally binding if someone is there to officiate your vows. You can choose from state judicial officers, federal judges, ordained ministers like a priest, rabbi, or another religious figure, a non-religious minister, an interfaith leader, Quakers, or a public official, such as a county clerk, Justice of the Peace, or a notary public. 
  • You also need to have a marriage license issued by a county court. Once you receive your license, you have all the legal paperwork you need to get married. In Florida, a marriage license is valid starting three days after it’s issued and for up to 60 days.

Once you set the date, your Florida wedding officiant will prepare the appropriate materials for you and your partner to take your vows.

During the event, they’ll guide you through the ceremony ensuring everything is done correctly so your marriage can be solemnized. Ultimately, with an experienced wedding officiant, you can know that your wedding will go smoothly.

What Superior Notary Services Can Do For You How Mobile Notaries Can Serve as Wedding Officiants

Notaries can serve as wedding officiants in Florida whether they hold another role as a religious or public figure. For example, a notary might also be an ordained minister or a county clerk. If you’re having a wedding ceremony on the Atlantic or Gulf Coast, you might even have your ship captain officiate.

As long as they’re a notary, they can act as your wedding officiant, helping you have the perfect ceremony at sea. However, many notaries who regularly solemnize marriages don’t hold another role.

Notaries are public officers appointed by the Office of the Governor to attest to the validity of documents, witness signatures, and perform other notarial acts, including making your wedding vows legally binding. 

In addition to performing wedding ceremonies, a notary will verify that couples have their licenses in order. They can also witness signatures, ensure participants are able and willing to say their vows and deliver the license to the county clerk’s office after it’s signed.

In Florida, a notary can notarize other documents you need to be validated, such as the paperwork required for name changes, life documents, and certified copies of your marriage certificate. 

With a mobile notary service, wedding officiants won’t just simplify the legal aspects of your special day: They will also make your life easier by traveling to your location — even if it’s on short notice.

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Worry About Your Big Day, and We’ll Do the Rest Florida Wedding Officiant Notaries Who Come to You

Whether you need a wedding officiant to marry you and your partner in a last-minute ceremony or you’re planning, you can schedule a mobile notary from Superior Notary Services within minutes.

No need to worry about finding someone who will fit your schedule or travel to your chosen location. Our notaries are here to help you enjoy a hassle-free ceremony and celebrate your vows with zero worries about legalities or paperwork. 

With Superior Notary Services, you don’t have to schedule a wedding officiant far in advance. With access to a vast network of professionals, you can find a notary quickly, leaving you with one of the most important parts of your marriage ceremony taken care of.

Everything You Need to Know about Your Florida Wedding Making Your Wedding Ceremony Legal in Florida

While your notary will solemnize your wedding vows and handle the legal side of the celebration, there are still things you should know when getting married in Florida.

Type of Ceremony

It doesn’t matter what type of ceremony you have or where the pronouncement happens. Floridian weddings can happen on a boat, in a chapel, or as an intimate ceremony in the comfort of your living room.

As long as you celebrate your vows within the state’s legal boundaries — which includes all land and up to three miles off the coast — and with a certified wedding officiant, it’s official!

Rules for the Florida Notary

When using a notary for your wedding, it has to be a Florida notary. Notaries from other states can’t travel to Florida to solemnize wedding ceremonies.

A Florida notary can certify that a couple is joined in marriage, even if they are related to one of the participants. They can’t, however, witness signatures for family members. 

As of 2015, a Florida notary can also marry same-sex couples.

Ensuring Consent

There has to be verbal consent to join in wedlock, and that’s what the notary is there for. They officiate the wedding, ensure the license is valid, and affirm that both parties are willing and consent to marriage.

Official Wedding Documentation

Once the ceremony is over, the notary pronounces the couple as legally joined. Then, they returned the license to the county court, where it was issued. It can be issued in one part of Florida and solemnized in another, but it needs to be returned to the court that issued it. 

You don’t need witnesses to sign the marriage license in Florida. If you have friends and family at your event, you can ask them to sign as witnesses to commemorate their presence. Either way, your notary will deliver the marriage record to the court, which will mail a free certified copy to you.

Notarial Fees for Wedding Officiants in Florida

The minimum charge for a Florida notary officiating wedding ceremonies is $140, plus a $25 minimum courier fee (if applicable), in addition to reasonable fees for travel.

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Notaries are an excellent choice if you want a high-quality wedding officiant service. They can handle all the legal aspects of getting married for you, and mobile notaries will come to your location.

Superior Notary Services makes finding a notary in Florida easy, fast, and convenient. Find a Florida notary and schedule a reliable officiant for your special day.


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