Jail Notary Guide – Notarizing Documents While in Jail

It is a challenge if one wants to notarize documents while being in jail. This is due to the fact that at the time of arrest, the inmate has his/her identification confiscated. This becomes the main problem as notarizing documents is all about proper identification whereas it is impossible to identify the prisoner. There is still one ID card that the inmate might possess and could be accepted by the notary, but this is only for those who are in custody and is typically provided by the Department of Corrections.

If the state in which the jail is situated has laws that allow witnesses, then the only option for prisoners requiring notarization of documents is to utilize two credible witnesses that would identify them. Another alternative is using two people who know the inmate personally and are willing to vouch for their identity. In some prisons, however, credible witnesses aren’t allowed to be in the same premises or section as the prisoner. If you are trying to notarize documents in jail then it is better to enquire about the prison facility’s restrictions regarding such processes.

Here are a few examples of the processes that require notarizing a document, but can still be carried out even if the person who is concerned is in jail.

Impounded Car Release

Impounded car release can be successfully carried out while being in jail. However, the chances of success are entirely dependent on the reason for the vehicle being impounded. Another reason can be the cost of the vehicle release and whether or not the inmate can afford it.

Typical reasons for a car being wheel clamped or instantly impounded include having an untaxed vehicle. If this is the issue then the vehicle is impounded after being clamped and one doesn’t require paying for it to de-clamp it within a day. The vehicle may be demolished if it stays at the pound for more than 7 days.

Inmate Property Release

An inmate is allowed to release their property out of the jail storage and give it to someone they know. In such cases, one set of clothing is left in storage for the inmate so that they can wear it upon being released from jail. Inmate property release is a process in which the inmate needs to complete a form, so that their request for property release could be carried out formally.

Notary Jail Signings

Notary jail signings are similar to other types of signings. But in order to carry out the procedures of these signings, hiring a prison notary is necessary. The process usually requires witnesses for the inmate due to the fact that typically, inmates don’t have identification which is demanded by jail notary. In such cases, the person coordinating the notary jail signings is generally a friend, relative, or attorney for the person in jail. These jail notary public jobs are usually booked by the inmates themselves.

With the right help, nothing is impossible. If you hire the services of experienced professionals then you can certainly have your documents notarized despite you being held as a prisoner.

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