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Tennessee is one of the few states that allow notaries to officiate wedding ceremonies only four other states offer this service. The benefit of having a notary perform your wedding is that they will travel to your location.

Where a judge or other public official might marry happy couples in a courthouse wedding, and religious figures will officiate weddings in chapels and other places of worship, a notary will go to wherever your chosen venue is.

We provide mobile notary services in Tennessee, including weddings. With a large network of reliable notaries, you can find a wedding officiate for your special day quickly. Our notaries are even available for last-minute marriage ceremonies, such as an elopement, in Tennessee!

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Getting Married in Tennessee? Here’s What You Should Know Wedding Day Requirements in Tennessee

A Qualified Marriage Officiant Must Perform the Ceremony

You can choose traditional religious wedding officiants, members of the legislature, county clerks, or other non-religious figures, including a notary public. In Tennessee, any of the following individuals can officiate your wedding:

  • An ordained minister, preacher, rabbi, and other religious leaders
  • Members of county and municipal legislative bodies
  • Speakers of the Senate and speakers of the House of Representatives
  • The governor
  • Mayors
  • Judges
  • County clerks
  • Law enforcement and military chaplains
  • Tennessee notaries

A professional officiant will conduct their duties so you can savor every moment without having to worry about legal nuances. 

You Need a Marriage License to Make the Wedding Valid

Before you can get married in Tennessee, you and your partner will need to visit your local county clerk’s office and apply for a license. 

You should bring your personal identification documents — such as a valid driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate — to the courthouse. If you’ve been married before, you’ll need the date of your divorce or when you became a widow.

Once the license is issued, you can get married right away — there’s no waiting period for marriages in Tennessee.

The license does expire after 30 days, however. So be sure to get the license within one month of your wedding date!

The Type of Ceremony Is Up to You

In Tennessee, you can have a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony for a wedding or elopement. Both are legal, and in either situation, it’s up to you who you choose to act as your wedding officiate. 

Superior Notary Services Can Help You Have the Perfect Wedding!

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You Focus on Celebrating. We’ll Handle the Paperwork. Wedding Services for Tennessee Marriages

Your Tennessee notary wedding officiant will handle all the essentials of your marriage license. The license is one of the most important components of the marriage ceremony, so everything needs to go perfectly.

The officiant will perform the following to ensure your marriage is legal:

  • Ask you to present the license.
  • Confirm that the document is valid.
  • Help you fill it out.
  • Sign the license and fill out their information.

Once all the signatures are complete – yours, your partner’s, and the wedding officiant’s – your license is ready. Now, it has to be returned to the country clerk.

In Tennessee, it has to be returned within three days after the ceremony to make the marriage legal. And for an additional fee, your wedding officiant notary can return the license for you and ensure it’s filed on time, letting you bask in your blissful post-wedding moments without having to stress about paperwork!

With an experienced notary from Superior Notary Services, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of.


A Tennessee notary public can perform additional duties to help your big day go smoothly. Notaries can also notarize any other documents you need to be validated, including paperwork for name changes, life documents, and certified copies of the marriage certificate.

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Notarial Fees for Weddings in Tennessee

Using a notary public is an affordable option. The final cost is based on how far your notary has to travel. You’ll pay the notary fee as well as reasonable costs for travel to your wedding venue. 

  • Ceremony Cost: $140
  • Courier Fee (if applicable): $25 minimum

Find a Reliable Tennesee Wedding Officiant From Superior Notary Services!

A Tennessee notary public from Superior Notary Services offers an end-to-end wedding officiant service.

Your notary will ensure your marriage license and other documents are correct. They can answer any questions about the legal aspects of solemnizing a marriage in Tennessee. They can also come to your wedding rehearsal so you can practice saying your vows before your wedding day. 

You probably have a lot of wedding planning to manage. Take one of the most important tasks off your lists and book a notary public from Superior Notary Services today!

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