Leveraging The Power of Social Media as a Notary Public

Social media isn’t used strictly for sharing your relationship status or photos of what you ate breakfast. It’s also a powerful marketing tool that notaries can use to attract more customers while developing lasting professional relationships.

Why Notaries Should Use Social Media

If you’re a notary public who’s not actively using social media, you’re missing out on one of the easiest and most effective ways to generate more sales. Facebook alone boasts over 1.3 billion active users each month (source). Actively engaging and marketing your notarial services on Facebook is an excellent technique for finding new clients.

Let’s face it, phone books are going the way of the dinosaurs. More and more people are opting to use the Internet to locate businesses and their respective contact information as opposed to phone books. It takes just a few seconds to search for a business online, whereas you can spend 5-10 minutes flipping through a phone book. Setting up accounts on the leading social media networks creates greater transparency between your notarial business and your target audience, helping clients find you more easily.

Benefits of Using Social Media For Notaries:social-media-notary-01

  • Increased brand exposure.
  • Generate more sales.
  • Develop relationships with other notaries.
  • Connect with your previous and potential clients.
  • Establishes a professional image.
  • Ability to link back to your official business website (assuming you have one).
  • Ability to resolve customer complaints.

Social Media For a Notary Public: Where Do I Start?

Being that Facebook is THE leading social media network, it’s recommended for notaries to start by setting up a page here. You have two different options when it comes to marketing your business on Facebook: you can either use your personal account, or you can set up business page dedicated to your notarial business.

Opting to create a separate business page (linked to your personal account) is typically the preferred method, as it allows notaries to develop closer relationships with their target audience while focusing strictly on business-related content. Upon setting up your page, edit the description to include all of the pertinent information related to your notarial business, including name, phone number, address, website, hours of operation,  etc.

Of course, your Facebook business page will only prove useful if people, preferably your target audience whom need notarial services performed, view it. You can draw more attention to your page by linking to it from your website, engaging in discussions about notarial services on other Facebook pages, or advertising your page on Facebook’s ad platform. Once your page generates some initial “likes,” other people will begin to like, comment, and engage on your page.

Notaries shouldn’t limit themselves to only using Facebook, however. Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are all powerful tools that can increase a notary’s exposure and generate more sales.

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