Updating Your Will and Medical Directive – The New Year Is a Good Time to Think About Making or Updating These Items

There are a few circumstances in which you should consider changing your will and medical directive. With the new year upon us, it’s a good time to review these documents and make any necessary changes and updates. Here are some reasons you should consider updating your will and medical documents.

Law Changes

Sometimes when the laws change, your will needs to update in order to reflect those changes. Tax laws change every few years, and your will needs to be updated as the laws change so you know your beneficiaries are receiving what you’d like them to receive.

Financial Changes

Perhaps your income has changed, or maybe you came in to some money. Maybe you’ve had some good luck or some bad. Whatever the case, if your finances have changed, you may wish to go in to your will and make some tweaks and changes so it’s accurate.

Relationship Changes

It’s possible you got married, got divorced, had kids, had grandkids, or even had the good fortune of adding nieces or nephews to the family. Over time, families and relationships shift and change and you may find your will and medical directive needs a good updating to include these new family members or reflect relationship or marriage statuses. You need to make sure your kids have a named guardian, as well as name who the beneficiaries are and who has power of attorney. A good lawyer can help walk you through any changes in your will so you have the peace of mind you need.

Family/Health Changes

Sometimes, an emergency occurs and you may find you’re not in good health anymore. This is the time to make sure your will and medical directive is up to date and current, and you’ll want to review and make changes as soon as possible in the event of a crisis. Make sure you appoint the best person to have power of attorney and help put your wishes into motion when necessary.

Updating a Medical Directive

A medical directive outlines your specific wishes and intentions for your own health. You should have one in place already, but if something happens and you find you have a health crisis, you may wish to change it to reflect any new information about your health. This basically lets family members know what your feelings are about medical decisions regarding your health, and it’s pretty important that you keep it up to date in the event of an emergency. Choose a family member or friend you trust to have power of attorney to help make these choices.

For More Information

When it comes to updating legal documents such as wills or medical directives, you need a good notary on board to make everything official. Don’t have time to look for a notary office or drive to the nearest one? Superior Notary works with your busy schedule. We are a mobile notary service that comes to you when it’s most convenient to help you complete and officialize legal documents. Contact us today at 877-507-4600 for more information about the services we offer and set up an appointment to notarize your documents.

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