Top 5 Benefits of Joining a Notary Association

Whether you’re an active state-appointed notary or are thinking of becoming one, you should consider joining a notary association. Doing so is a smart move that will set your business down the right path for success. Notary associations offer a number of unique benefits that aren’t found elsewhere. For a list of some of the top benefits of joining one, keep reading.

Benefit #1) Connects You With Customers

Arguably, the single greatest benefit of jointing a notary association is the ability to acquire new customers with little-to-no work on your part. Notary associations work around the clock to connect people in need of notary services with professional notaries. Whether it’s mortgage closings, depositions, settlements, etc., local customers will purchase your services through the association.

Benefit #2) Insurance Protection

One of the lesser-known benefits of joining a notary association is the added layer of insurance protection they offer. Notaries can be held liable for improper use of their stamp, placing their personal assets in jeopardy. Opting to joint a notary association, however, will give you the peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected in the event of a clerical error. Protect yourself form notarial liability by joining an association.

Benefit #3) Access To Notary Forms, Documents and Certificates

Notary Seal

A third benefit of joining a notary association is the unrestricted access the provide to forms, documents and certificates. While each and every association is different, most reputable associations provide their members with a variety of sample forms at no additional charge. You can use these forms when offering notary services to the public, or you can take the wording to draw inspiration for your own documents.

Benefit #4) Association Member Badge

You can differentiate yourself from competing notaries in your area by displaying the member badge of your respective association. Certain notary associations provide their members with badges which can be displayed in their office. When a potential customer is faced with the task of choosing a notary with a member badge and a notary without a badge, can you guess which one they will choose?

Benefit #5) Network With Other Like-Minding Notaries

If you still need another reason to join a notary association, here’s one: they provide invaluable networking opportunities with other professional notaries. You’ll be able to ask questions, share your comments and opinions, and talk with other people in the business. This alone makes joining a notary association well worth the minimal investment.

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