Can My Real Estate Closing Take Place After Hours or On the Weekend?

Typically, you want to get a real estate closing done as soon as possible and get all the paperwork in order so you can move into your new home. The closing process is the handoff between ownership-your new home will legally belong to you once the closing is completed. However, you may have a busy schedule and find that you don’t have time to meet up with your lender, realtor, or notary to sign your papers and finish your closing during typical 9-5 business hours.

Mobile Notary Flexibility

Some companies can be very flexible when it comes to completing your closing so you can gain ownership of your new home, including Superior Notary. Look for a lender or notary that allows you to squeeze in appointments at more convenient times, including after business hours or even on the weekend. This allows you to avoid the hassle of trying to take off work early in order to get your closing paperwork signed.

If you’re in a situation where you can’t get to the notary’s office at all, a mobile notary is the answer to your problems and the solution to your closing dilemma. A mobile notary can come to you, whether it’s to your home, office, or another location in order to sign your paperwork and notarize it whenever you’re available, without disrupting your work schedule or your day at all. No matter how busy you are, you can rest assured that you can finish your real estate closing at any time or day in order to get the paperwork done and take over your new residence.

Calling a mobile notary that will work with your schedule makes the process much more convenient, and it can be difficult to find a notary that works after business hours or is conveniently located to make visiting the notary easy for you with your busy schedule. A mobile notary with flexible business hours and weekend availability solves your problems and allows you to easily fit your real estate closing into your work schedule.

For More Information

To find out more about getting your real estate closing paperwork done after hours, before work, or on the weekends to fit into your schedule, contact Superior Notary. Superior Notary is a mobile notary service that not only offers real estate services including closings and title transfers, but also offers auto services, settlements, and general notary services including claims, medical documents, and affidavits. Superior professionals work with your schedule to meet all of your notary needs.

Contact Superior Notary at 877-507-4600 to find out when and where we can help you get your real estate closing completed, or stop by our offices and discuss it with us in person; we are located at 3990 Lakeway Drive, Suite 109. We offer our services at reasonable, competitive rates, and we are a professional signing service offering flawless customer service in order to meet your every need at your convenience and your budget. Contact us today for help closing on your dream home!

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