The Ins & Outs of Signing Services

Essentially, signing services are used to lower costs. These services come into play when lenders need papers notarized and officially signed, and can eliminate long wait times and high costs. As we look into the future of loans and mortgages, it appears that signing services will be used far more often and may be the predominant way that these papers are contracted and signed.

What are signing services?

In a nutshell, a signing service does all the work for the lender, for a reasonable price. These services include notarizing documents, such as legal contracts, loans, and mortgages for homes or cars. Outsourcing to a third party company saves the lender’s office money on fees, and typically expedites the signing process in order for paperwork to be completed at a faster pace, which works well in situations where contracts need to be completed immediately. These services may even deliver paperwork and contracts to the borrower’s home for even faster service.

Is signing done by legal professionals?

In some cases, signing is done by lawyers, which makes the contracts legally binding. Sometimes the signing is simply done by a notary public. It depends on what state you’re in as far as laws go concerning signing services. In some states, the signing must be done with an attorney present for the signing to be considered legal. In other states, a notary is all that is required to complete the paperwork. Check state laws before retaining the services of a signing service to make sure everything is on the up and up. Escrow services may also be performed by signing contractors, and in most cases, the signing service is solely responsible for collecting any outstanding documents as well as funds necessary to complete and secure the transaction.

Benefits of signing services

Though cost is one of the main benefits of using a signing service, it’s not the only one. The convenience and flexibility of a signing service can’t be beat. You could have your documents signed at any time, at any place, and within a very specific time frame. Since most people have very busy schedules, squeezing in a quick document signing with a service is an easy way to get document signing done without hassle. These “mobile notary” services make it easy for borrowers to finish paperwork on their own schedule, and borrowers can even order services online to begin the process immediately and quickly.

Essentially, tracking down someone who is a notary public when you need documents notarized today can be a hassle and take time out of your day you don’t have available. Using a signing service eliminates that and gets your paperwork notarized quickly and easily.

For more information

To find out more about signing services, contact Superior Notary Services today at 877-507-4600. Our services include mobile notaries that help you with auto loans, mortgages, escrow, attorney statements, settlements, titles, and other legal services. We are located at 3900 Lakeway Drive, Suite 109 in St. Paul. Find out more by browsing our website.

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