What Are the Differences Between an FHA Loan and a Conventional Real Estate Loan?

You’re looking to buy a home, but acquiring a loan may be a problem. Your financial situation isn’t quite up to the standard that most lenders require. What can you do? Well, instead of a conventional real estate loan, you might consider a Federal Housing Association (FHA) loan. FHA loans are offered to people who don’t qualify for regular loans. So what’s the difference between the two types? There are quite a few. Let’s take a look. (more…)

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The Role of a Signing Agent at Loan Closings

After the approval of the loan as well as the Title Insurance, the processing of the paperwork begins, which is typically a couple of weeks after the Loan Application. Numerous papers need to be notarized and this is where the role of a notary closing agent becomes necessary as they have to check the IDs of notarized papers affiants. (more…)