Benefits of Hiring a Notary Public

Notary publics typically fall under one of two categories: stationary and mobile. Stationary notaries work out of their home or office, requesting clients to come to them to have notarial acts performed. Mobile notaries, on the other hand, travel to the client’s location to perform a notarial act. This week, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the surprising benefits of using a mobile notary.

Ease of Contract

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Hiring a mobile notary public makes it easier for you to enter contracts. It is the job of the notary publics to ensure that the signatures on the legal documents are authentic, saving your business from any legal implications. Notary Publics are only accountable for the authenticity of the signatures on the documents and not for the content of the legal document. They can neither assist in preparing legal documents nor can they prepare legal documents for you because that is the job for your attorney. Notary publics are only supposed to be present at the signing of the documents to ensure that the person signing the document is in fact the same person whose name is on the contract.

Prevention of Fraud

Fraudulent activities can be easily prevented if you have a notary public present at the time of signing the documents. This is because the notary public will not only ask the signers to prove their identities but he will also ensure that the documents being signed are also original. Signature on photocopies cannot be notarized. Notary publics will also ensure that the person signing the documents is not doing so under any threats or without freewill.

Notaries cannot oversee the signature of a document in which they might have any interest. A notary public is supposed to be an impartial and neutral party, “impartial” being the key word here. It increases the confidence of both parties because it ensures that their documents are being handled by a third, neutral party who will oversee the entire process without any bias. A notary public might be held liable for malpractice if he shows inclination or favoritism towards any one of the parties.

If you own one of those businesses where you enter important contracts everyday then it might be feasible for you to hire a notary public in your staff. However, for individuals the most feasible and practical option will be to appoint a mobile notary service.


With approximately 4.5 million notary publics in the Unites States, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a notary in a highly populated city or suburban area. A quick search on the Internet or your local phone book will reveal a list of commissioned notaries who are eager to notarize your signatures. However, smaller cities and rural areas may only a few notaries (if any), making it difficult for individuals to have their documents notarized. Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy solution to this problem: use a mobile notary. Whether you live 5 miles or away or 50, the mobile notary will come to your location to perform the desired notarial act.

Flexibility of Time

iStock_000007465953SmallA mobile notary will be at your service whenever you need them whether it is midnight or 5 in the morning. Mobile notaries are authorized to assist you in all matters whether it is for real estate, structural settlements or general notary services.

No Hassle of Location

A mobile notary will come to your desired location, saving your precious time and money. Whether you ask them to come to your office, home, or a hospital, they will be there. You no longer have to leave your work in order to go the office of a notary public because mobile notaries will come to you.

Other Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Notary:

  • Convenience of choosing the time and location of your notarization.
  • Have documents notarized while traveling out of your home town.
  • Don’t have to worry about the notary’s office/shop closing.

How Much Does a Mobile Notary Cost?

The cost of using a mobile notary varies depending on a few different elements, one of which is state laws. Each state has a maximum fee that notary publics are allowed to charge for their services. In California, for instance, notary publics are not allowed to charge to more than the sum of $10 for each notarial act. In Montana, notary publics may charge up to $5 for each acknowledgment, witnessing of a signature, and completing a jurat, assuming it’s the first notarial act performed on the client. If the client wishes to have a second notarial act performed, the notary public may only charge $1 per act. With that said, mobile notary publics are usually allowed to charge a “travel fee” in addition to the standard per-act charge. This travel fee may range anywhere from $20 to $50 (or more).

Finding a Mobile Notary

Finding an authentic mobile notary is no longer a hassle with Superior Notary Services. Our agents are standing by to coordinate your signing at a time and place of your choosing. Let us save you the time and frustration of finding a mobile notary in your locality, contact us today!

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