How to Refer Business to a Notary Public

Many businesses require the services of a notary public or notary signing agent, and they typically partner with these professionals to handle their day-to-day needs. These same companies are often approached by other organizations that need notary services, but aren’t sure where to find the best fit. If you’re asked about notary professionals by a company that you do business with, here’s what to consider so that you put them in touch with the right services.

Certain Transactions Require a Notary Public:

If you want to refer business to a notary public, it’s important to understand the documents that these professionals handle and their role in executing paperwork. The job of a notary public is to verify the identity of a person signing a document and to witness the signature process; the person does not explain the contents of a document. In some cases, a notary public with additional credentials as a notary signing agent can describe the purpose of a document. Neither notaries are not allowed to give legal advice.

Documents that must be notarized vary by state, but most jurisdictions mandate that real estate conveyance papers, estate planning documents and powers of attorney must carry the notary seal.

Finding the Right Notary Public Service:

Before you can refer business to a notary service, it’s essential to find the right fit and person for the job. Consider a few factors when choosing a notary professional.

  • Location: It’s best to retain a notary service that’s conveniently located for all parties to complete the relevant transaction. There are even some notaries that offer mobile service, which is especially useful when you need a notary at a bank for a mortgage or a hospital for executing a will.
  • Commission: For your document to be lawfully executed, the notary public must have a current, valid commission in the state where the paperwork is being signed. If you’re using a notary signing agent for a mortgage, make sure this professional has the additional credentials.
  • Fees: There will be a cost for notary service, so request information on fees before retaining a notary public.

Many Notary Public Services Have Referral Programs:

You benefit when you refer business to another organization because it strengthens your relationship and instills trust. However, an additional benefit is that many notary public services offer referral programs with financial incentives. Look for plans that give you a percentage discount or other monetary award when someone you refer actually retains the services of a notary.

It’s always nice to help out a company with which you have a valued business relationship, and referring them to a notary public that you trust is a great way to demonstrate goodwill. It’s important to point other organizations in the right direction when you’re making a referral, especially when you consider the important role notary services play in executing required documents. When you retain a notary public or signing agent that offers professional, quality services, share that information with other companies that can benefit from them.

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