Notary Background Checks – Done by The NNA or Sterling

Mobile notary services are required to complete a background check. These background checks are typically done by two types of services: either the NNA or Sterling. What’s the difference between the two types of checks, and why is a check necessary?

Why Background Checks?

Since notaries often deal with personal, private, sensitive, and even confidential client information, it’s necessary for signing agents to go through a background check to ensure security measures and put clients at ease. This is especially necessary where real estate and financial loan paperwork is concerned. Financial institutions must go through the same type of checks, including banks and security agencies.

This background check includes a criminal and credit check. Some states may not allow those with a felony on their record to become a notary, though some states may allow a criminal record as long as it does not include a felony charge or conviction. There are specific requirements that must be met when you consider becoming a notary, and these vary state to state. You must be honest on your notary application and be forthcoming with any relevant information or your application could be denied.


The NNA is the National Notary Association. This agency provides background checks for notary candidates. The NNA provides your first background check as well as annual background checks for notary publics. This check includes verification of identity, criminal record background check, motor vehicle check, and residence check. Motor violations are also considered during a background check, including suspended driver’s license and other infractions.

Once you register to become a notary through the NNA, you’ll be given the link to a secure website where you can fill out all of your information to go through the background check. It may take up to ten days to complete the background screening and receive the results, then you can continue your certification to become a notary public. This designation from the reputable NNA allows you to find a job as a notary public successfully.


A company called SterlingBackCheck is also a reputable place to conduct a thorough background check for notary publics. These checks, including criminal background checks as well as searches of sex offender registries and nationwide criminal background registries, mean you’re getting a thorough background check recommended by notary signing services.

Sterling has a reputation for providing flawless background checks that also include identity verification as well as vehicle and residency verification. Most notary publics must have background checks done by one of these two companies on a yearly basis.

For More Information

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