Notary Services for Affidavits – What you Should Know

Notary Services for Affidavits

So, court proceedings are fast approaching and you are feeling slightly anxious about what lies ahead? Don’t worry too much yet, because there’s still time to prepare your affidavit with help from a professional attorney. A lawyer who specializes in notary services for affidavits will know how to gather a statement that has been verified, so that court can continue as normal, minus the butterflies in your stomach. The notarial profession is one that demands years of training and experience, so before you hire someone who possesses the power to certify, notarize and legalize documents, keep the following things in mind.

Who Has to Be Present When Documents Are Signed?

One of the main things you ought to know when paying for notary services for affidavits is that the notary must be present when the Principal signs the document. This is essential to ensure complete accuracy and that everything is done in accordance with the law. In most cases, an acknowledgment of the signature will be presented in person when notarization is taking place. This acknowledgement holds great importance, due to the fact it includes the words “Signed and sworn before me ___’.

Is Identification Required by the Document Signer?

Typically, identification is not always necessary if the person is voluntarily willing to sign the documents and turns up to the meeting. A credible identifying witness could also identify the individual signing a document if that person is not able to hand over some form of ID. This witness must be credible and a trustworthy person. It could be a family member, friend or another competent individual. However, an ID card is always a good thing to have on hand when notary services for affidavits are being completed.

Important Facts to Know About a Notary

Right, so you know the basic information about getting notary services for affidavits, but do you know the real facts about these services? A notary must always comply with laws, rules and regulations. They must complete documents in permanent ink and the stamp must always be black. Names should be written according to the “oath of office” and the fee paid by the person who requires notary services need never be higher than the fee that has been prescribed by the law. If and when provided, ID, the constituent’s signature will be verified thoroughly, as well as the expiration date on the identification card.

When Should I Decline Notary Services for Affidavits?

Not every situation will call for notary services and, therefore, understanding when you should decline the services could save you a great deal of bother. Avoid these services if the affiant is under duress, because voluntary signing is desirable. It should also be avoided if the affiant is mentally disabled or if the individual is not totally aware of what they are signing. Bear in mind that there are two types of notary services – a witness subpoena and the most common civil lawsuit option that goes by the name of subpoenas duces tecum.

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