How To Succeed as a Mobile Notary

Working as a mobile notary of public is a fun and rewarding profession that gives you the opportunity to meet and help new people on a daily basis. Unlike other careers that force workers to perform the same monotonous tasks over and over, each day is different in the field of mobile notary. Of course, this is just one of the reasons why so many people take an interest in this profession.

After you’ve successfully been commissioned as a notary of the public by your state’s respective governing body (usually the Secretary of State), you’ll need to work on laying the foundation for a successful business. Having the certificate stating you are a commissioned public notary alone isn’t going to generate sales. It’s up to you to go out there and find work to keep your business moving forward.

What Is a Mobile Notary?

As a mobile notary of the public, you must be willing to travel and meet your clients. Clients are often busy and don’t have the time to drive to a notarial office, which is where your services come into play: you’ll travel to their home, office, a public facility (restaurant, park, shopping mall, etc.) to perform their requested notarial service.

Mobile Notary Qualifications:yellow arrow hitting middle of a target

  • Must have a reliable means of transportation.
  • Familiar with local roads and traffic congestion.
  • Willing to adjust your schedule to meet clients’ demands.
  • Enjoy working at a fast pace (the more notarial services you perform, the more money you make).

Finding Work as a Mobile Public Notary

There are dozens of ways to connect with clients who are in need of notarial services, the easiest of which is to join a Notary Association. Notary Associations act as the ‘middle men’ for notarial services, bringing clients and professional notaries together. You’ll develop invaluable professional relationships while learning more tricks of the trade by joining a Notary Association.

Tips To Succeed as a Mobile Notary:

  • Respond to voicemails, emails, text messages or other messages from potential clients in a timely manner (procrastinating could result in the client seeking notarial services elsewhere).
  • Always arrive at your client’s meeting destination either on time or early.
  • Hand out a business card to each and every client of whom you provide a notarial service.
  • Remember, there’s typically a greater demand for mobile notarial services in the city.
  • Keep your car maintained and services to reduce the risk of a breakdown.

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