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One of the greatest aspects of getting married in Las Vegas, Nevada, is that you have a variety of options for who can officiate your marriage. In addition to religious officiants, non-denominational ministers, and Justices of the Peace, you can also choose a mobile notary to solemnize your marriage and handle the legal paperwork.

The best part? Mobile notaries come to you — anytime, anywhere.

So if you’re looking for a reliable notary service in Las Vegas, look no further than Superior Notary Services. With over 20 years of experience, Superior Notary Services is a trusted source for notaries throughout the United States and Nevada.

Whether you’re getting married on the Strip, in Henderson, Summerlin, or any other location in Las Vegas, Superior Notary Services can quickly and easily connect you with a licensed notary to officiate your ceremony.

What You Need to Know Marriage Ceremony Requirements in Las Vegas

Whether you’re getting hitched or planning an elaborate celebration, a Las Vegas wedding involves some essential legal requirements to ensure your ceremony is official. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Choose an officiant: You have several options, including state judicial officers, federal judges, ordained ministers, non-religious ministers, interfaith leaders, Quakers, or public officials such as county clerks, Justices of the Peace, or notary publics that can come to you upon your request. 
  • Obtain a marriage license: You have to first obtain a marriage license from a county court in Las Vegas. The marriage license is issued immediately upon application at the county clerk’s office, and you can have the wedding ceremony performed by an authorized officiant the same day — although in Nevada, a marriage license is valid immediately and for up to one year from the date of issuance.
  • Work with your officiant: On your wedding day, your chosen officiant will guide you through the ceremony and ensure everything is done correctly for your marriage to be solemnized.

If you work with a mobile notary on your wedding day, they will guide you through the ceremony and ensure everything is done correctly for your marriage to be considered official. With an experienced wedding officiant in Las Vegas, you can trust that your special day will be unforgettable, fun, and worry-free.

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Leave the Wedding Details to Us and Enjoy Your Big Day (Or Night!) Las Vegas Wedding Officiant Notaries Who Come to You

Planning a wedding in Las Vegas, NV, and need a wedding officiant? Look no further than Superior Notary Services! Our mobile notaries can be scheduled in minutes, making it easy to find a reliable wedding officiant who fits your schedule and location needs.

Whether planning your wedding in advance or needing a last-minute ceremony, our notaries can help you enjoy a hassle-free ceremony without worrying about the legalities or paperwork. With over 20 years of experience and a vast network of professionals, we can quickly match you with a notary to solemnize your marriage and handle the necessary paperwork. 

Choose Superior Notary Services and enjoy peace of mind knowing that one of the most important parts of your wedding is taken care of.

Everything You Need to Know about Your Las Vegas Wedding Making Your Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony Legal in Nevada

If you’re looking to get married in Las Vegas, you may consider hiring a notary to serve as your wedding officiant. While your notary will handle the legal aspects of your marriage ceremony, you should still know important things about getting married in Nevada.

Type of Ceremony

In Las Vegas, you can have your wedding ceremony just about anywhere — with some favorites being ceremonies in wedding chapels, a hotel room, at resorts, in the great outdoors (like Red Rock Canyon or the Valley of Fire State Park), or even on a helicopter! 

As long as you celebrate your vows within the state’s legal boundaries, which include all land within the state, your marriage will be legally recognized.

Rules for the Nevada Notary

If you’re using a notary for your wedding ceremony in Nevada, ensuring they are licensed to operate in the state is important. Only a Nevada notary can legally perform a wedding ceremony in Nevada.

Ensuring Consent

As with any marriage ceremony, verbal consent to join in wedlock is required in Nevada. Your notary will ensure that both parties are willing and consent to marriage before the ceremony can proceed.

Official Wedding Documentation

Once the ceremony is complete, the notary will pronounce you legally married!

You don’t need witnesses to sign a marriage license in Nevada, but if you have friends or family present at your wedding, you can ask them to sign as witnesses to commemorate their presence. The county clerk’s office will mail you a free certified copy of your marriage certificate.

Whether planning a last-minute ceremony or a carefully planned event, hiring a notary from Superior Notary Services in Las Vegas can help ensure your wedding is hassle-free and legally binding.

Notarial Fees for a Wedding Officiant: Las Vegas, NV

In Las Vegas, the cost for a notary to officiate a wedding ceremony is $140, and any reasonable travel fees. This is much cheaper than most Las Vegas wedding packages since an ordained minister typically charges over $300!

It’s important to note that this mobile “minister” fee may vary depending on the notary service you choose and the location of your wedding ceremony. Discuss pricing and any additional fees with Superior Notary Services before booking to avoid any surprises on your big day.

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Ready to tie the knot in the Wedding Capital of the World? Don’t stress about the legal details – book your wedding officiant from Superior Notary Services today and get ready to say “I do!”

With your officiant on board, you can relax and enjoy the magic of your big day, knowing that your ceremony’s important legal aspects are taken care of.

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