ID Without Drivers License

While working as a notary public agent, there are many instances when an individual requiring notarization may have different reasons for seeking the service. In most cases, the individual or his/her relative either has missing documents or is unable to offer a government-issued photo identification that’s valid. Some of the most common scenarios a notary public agent encounters while receiving visits from individuals are listed below as follows:

  • “My father doesn’t have a driver’s license as it’s been years since he last drove. He has never travelled abroad so he doesn’t have a passport. However, he needs notarization for receiving advanced healthcare and for a power of attorney. Is he eligible to get notarization without the presence of any government-issued ID?”
  • “My Grandma is old and fragile. She is 90 years old and she quit driving a long while back. Now she doesn’t have a driver’s license but she needs to get these trust documents notarized at any cost. Is it possible to get these documents verified by you without any means of identification?”
  • “My mother has been bed-ridden for years now. Her medical condition made her quit driving a long time back. However, she needs notarization for a power of attorney now. Can it be arranged?”
  • “My uncle has never driven vehicles as he always preferred other modes of transportation. Naturally, he doesn’t have a driver’s license. He doesn’t even have a state ID card. Right now, he’s admitted in a hospital and it’s crucial for me to get his power of attorney notarized. Can you please help me?”

Regardless of the reasons, any individual requesting notarization should come to terms with the fact that notary public agents don’t have the authority to notarize an individual’s signed documents, especially when no proper means of identification can be offered. Although, the presence of any credible witnesses can be taken into consideration, it has to be understood that their statement cannot be considered sufficient or used for personal convenience. The rule stays the same whether an individual has lost a driver’s license, a copy of the driver license or a non driver’s license ID.

Hand Holding PassportNotary public agents may have this desire to help people, especially in their time of need. However, the lack of proper identification is something that cannot be ignored. It is crucial to discourage such practices as they can lead to a surge in crimes like identity theft which has escalated to new heights in the last few years. A variety of facilities such as post offices, banks and hospitals now require individuals to submit their valid government-issued photo identification to put an end to crimes and to facilitate their customers.

With all the above listed scenarios in mind, it is a sound choice for individuals to acquire an ID card, especially if he/she doesn’t plan to continue driving while also having a valid driver’s license. This is a good idea because in this way, these individuals don’t only ensure their information is updated with DMV, they also have a valid driver’s license to meet their needs. This also works in their favor because this way, even if the driver’s license is lost, the DMV will be able to provide the desired information upon request.

With a steep rise in the reported number of criminal offenses, people should take proactive measures to protect themselves. They should apply for an ID card and obtain it whenever they get the time to do so. This will help save them any undesired inconvenience or needless hassle in future.

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