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Nationwide, If you are in the real estate business, you already know how many documents are required for even the simplest of closings. You also know how many of these documents require a notary’s stamp as well as how difficult it can be to find a qualified real estate notary willing to work at any time of the day or night.

As with any legal documents, it is important at a real estate closing to make sure that the parties who sign the documents are those that will be bound by them. This is where the need for a real estate mobile notary service provider arises. We’ll help you ensure and attest to the fact that everyone present was properly identified, did in fact sign where their signature was required, and is in fact be the person they claimed to be before signatures are obtained.

As part of our mobile notary services for Real Estate Closings, we can arrange for one of our nationwide notaries to conduct closings in your title company’s office at the end of the month during crunch time. This would allow your escrow officer to prepare and process loan packages, allowing you to close more deals without hiring additional staff or a dedicated escrow notary.

Mobile Notary Public for Realtors

The difference between a real estate closing and any other legal transaction is the scale of the commitments on each side, and the intricacy of the safeguards for each that the law provides. A closer will need to handle documents about the property, its title, and the mortgage lender that will finance the sale. A title notary ensures documents are signed and notarized so transfer of the home can continue without delay. A promissory note may be invalid if it contains inaccuracies, and transfer of the deed may be postponed.


Disclosures about the property's condition and encumbrances are required of the seller, and the various provisions of the mortgage must be explained to the buyer, who in turn must attest that they have seen and understood all of this. Almost all of these documents must be notarized, and it's prudent to have a notary public witness even those which do not specifically require notarization, since a notary is an objective witness as an outside party to these transactions.

We Ensure Quick, Successful Closings

As your signing agent, we can help you ensure that your closings are carried out without logistical hitches that might delay them. Our experience in this area is a solid foundation for a bullet-proof quality control review for your planning process, and we guarantee that we will have a qualified notary public present regardless of the jurisdiction. Let our notaries handle the traveling. All documents are returned via overnight carrier or your courier service.

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As a real estate mobile notary service provider, we will come to you on your schedule. We have a long record of excellence in customer service, and a nationwide network of affiliates who can take care of your needs. Superior Notary Services is a nationwide mobile notary service provider featuring more than 34,000 affiliates in every major U.S. city. All our notaries and attorneys are covered by a $1,000,000 errors and omissions insurance policy for your protection. Simply contact us and we’ll do the rest. Our mobile notary public for realtors handles all real estate property closings nationwide.

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