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Nationwide Signing Services

Nationwide Signing Services?

Nationwide Signing Service Everywhere You Need It

A notary public may seem like a fairly generic requirement until you can't find one when you need one or the one you generally rely on is unavailable on short notice. That is why Superior Notary Service provides a nationwide network of professional notaries and signing agents in every major U.S. city for small and large companies. No matter where your business takes you or when your schedule dictates, you can count on us for notary signing services.

Notarizing a document is a simple requirement, but it is often a vital detail that is not negotiable under the letter of the law. Do you want to risk a loan closing or any important legal agreement over not having the documents or not being able to get them notarized? If you want to be successful, the answer to that question is clearly no.

We make it so simple for our customers to do business with our comprehensive nationwide signing services! Place your order for our national signing service through our secure website, and we take care of everything from that point forward. Your documents will be handled and in place, guaranteed. We will locate and book a qualified mobile notary for your jurisdiction who is familiar with the documents for your transaction.

Amazing Nationwide Customer Service

We provide quality control for every step of the notarized signing process, and we follow up to ensure that your documents get properly delivered and executed. Our customer service is the best among the nationwide signing companies in the industry, bar none, and we're fiercely proud of our reputation for absolute accuracy and drive to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

We launched our on-demand signing services back in 1980 to answer the call from real estate agents, legal professionals and finance institutions tired of the constant hassle of locating reliable notary support. Since then we've operated under the premise that our success is directly linked to yours. That's why we take our role in your business very seriously, and we strive to be an available and accountable partner to our valued nationwide customers.

Nationwide Signing Service Affiliate Network

We have more than thirty four thousand affiliates that offer nationwide signing services, and we guarantee you'll find the right notary in the right jurisdiction for every single one of your transactions no matter where it takes place. Our affiliate will be there on time with what you need to proceed with any notary signing. Superior Notary Services can supply your transaction with a notary at any time and in any location. Just leave it to us.

We also offer mobile notary signing services tailored to real estate practices. We can take care of all your notary needs for all closings, whether they are for first or second home mortgages, home equity loans, or any other real estate transaction.

If you're a title company with a full slate of closings at the end of the month, we can provide a “notary closer” to assist with meetings scheduled in-house, at a third-party location or at any other place of your choosing.

With one less thing to worry about, you will be able to devote your time to lining up business and taking care of your clients, secure in the knowledge that you will have a notary available for any agreement that may ensue nationwide, and that the documents will arrive on time no matter where they need to be signed.

Ready to Get Started With Our Nationwide Signing Services?

Our mobile notaries will come to you on your schedule. Use our online system to order nationwide signing services, and you can rest at ease. You can choose the exact time you require a notary, whether it is in the day or at night, and you can also arrange for signing services afterhours and even on the weekend. Best of all, when you choose signing services with Superior Notary, you can use our system to track your order to confirm contracts and documents are accurately completed and distributed on time.

We have a long record of excellence in customer service, and a nationwide notary network of affiliates who can take care of your notary signing needs. Superior Notary Services is a nationwide mobile signing service provider featuring more than 34,000 affiliates in every major U.S. city. All our signing agents and attorneys are covered by a $1,000,000 errors and omissions insurance policy for your protection. Simply contact us, and we’ll do the rest.

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