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New York Mobile Notaries

Notaries in New York make certain legal documents complete by witnessing your signature. Contracts and other documents with specific language can be notarized in New York. Acknowledgment and affirmation language on a form indicates you need a notary. If you are not sure, you can ask a notary or contact the secretary of state.

Even if you do not need a notary, having your signature notarized is not a bad idea. It adds an additional level of security to the agreements you sign. You will not be penalized for including a notary seal on a document when it is not required. The court, however, will not accept certain documents for filing without being properly notarized.

New York Notary Facts

The following facts apply to New York notaries:

  • In New York, a notary is commissioned for four years and then must apply for reappointment.
  • A notary in New York can notarize documents anywhere in the state. The notary's signature, however, is on file in the county where they obtained their commission. Only the clerk of that county can authenticate the signature of the notary if that is necessary.
  • New York notaries can notarize documents intended to be filed in other states, but they must perform their duties while within the borders of New York state.
  • A stamp or embossed seal is not required for New York notaries. The notary may write the required information on a document. By signing and dating the notarization, the notary makes it official.

New York Mobile Notaries

New York notaries can perform their duties throughout the state in any city or county. The function of a notary is imperative to certain legal proceedings and written transactions. A New York notary serves as an official witness to the signature of deeds, bills of sale, powers of attorney and many other types of agreements.

Notaries in New York are responsible for two aspects of the signatures on a document. They confirm the identity of the person signing, and they ensure the signatures are given freely. A notary's seal confirms the signatory was not bullied into signing the document and that they are not using an alias or assumed identity.

Need Mobile Notary Services in New York?

Usually, it is the language at the end of your document or form that indicates the need for a notary. Most legal forms include a place for a notary's signature and stamp. A New York notary must include their name, the county where they recorded their commission and the expiration date of that commission on the document, in addition to their signature and the date of the notarization.

  • Affidavits
  • Wills
  • Medical directives
  • Supporting documents for disability claims
  • Designations of beneficiary
  • Mortgage closing documents
  • Real estate documents
  • Structured settlements
  • Affidavits of independent professional advice
  • And more

In New York, a mobile notary can come to your place of business, your home, or any other convenient location to notarize documents for you. If you need to notarizemultiple parties signatures, a mobile notary can meet each party at a convenient location and then bring the completed documents to you. Contact us today to schedule your notary services.