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As with notaries around the country, things are changing for the Tennessee notary publics.

First, the requirements and regulations around journal entries were transformed in 2015.

Next, 2018 saw Tennessee become the fifth state in the country to authorize online electronic notarizations by notary publics.

The presence and passing of Bill 1758 proves residents of Tennessee have a rising need for in-state notaries. But these changing laws also reveal that modernizing access is both a priority and a way to respond to this burgeoning demand.

Let’s take a look at what’s changed and what’s been retained.

Notary Agent’s Duties

Tennessee Mobile Notaries

Notaries in Tennessee perform all the most essential and common functions of a notary public.

They authorize documents, bear witness, create records and, in many ways, officiate and preside over the start of new ventures. In a sense, the role of the notary is to provide the recognition and gravitas of a State-appointed body in landmark milestones in an individual’s life.

In Tennessee, the notary’s term is four years and is appointed through an election by the county legislative body. To become commissioned and recognized as a notary public, the notary must:

  • Post bond by a surety company of $10,000
  • Swear an oath of impartiality, honesty, and to faithfully discharge the duties of the office
  • Use an official seal, dispensed by the Secretary of State

If it sounds serious, it is.

That’s because the most important functions of a Notary Public in Tennessee require presiding over details, following rule of law, and exercising the role’s power without “favor or partiality”. These powers include:

  • Acknowledging signatures based on personal knowledge or satisfactory proof
  • Administering oaths
  • Taking depositions
  • Qualifying parties to bills in chancery
  • Certifying probate or acknowledgement of a deed or other instrument to the county clerk

As part of these duties or powers, notary publics in Tennessee are required to sign all documents in ink by his or her own hand, as well as affix the notary’s official seal.

However, with the introduction of Bill 1758, a few terms and their definitions have changed or have been broadened:

  • When validating an individual’s identity, notaries performing online electronic notarizations can perform “credential analysis”, where they can use a third person to affirm the validity of a government-issued identification by using a review of public and proprietary data sources.
  • To “appear” or “personally appear” can mean over two-way audio/video conferencing
  • Notary publics in Tennessee must be
  • “Electronic” notarial certificates need to include the online Notary’s electronic signature, electronic seal, title, and commission expiration date
  • An “electronic seal” has the same information as a “regular” seal: The online Notary’s name, jurisdiction, identifying number, and commission expiration date

The true date of expiration of the notary’s commission is required to be included on every certificate of acknowledgment where the true date of expiration shows the commission has expired, the certificate of acknowledgment will be invalid

And what about journal entries? These are often an important but not a mandatory duty for notary publics in Tennessee. They include information like the date of acknowledgement, the name of the signee, to whom the “instrument” is being executed, a description of the documents, and whether any fees were charged.

Changes to the rules about journals in Tennessee include the following:

  • Journal entries can be an electronic record
  • If the notary charges a fee then they must keep a separate record (of attestations, protestations, or other instruments of publication)
  • Records created by a notary public who is employed by certain types of financial institutions and they charge a fee for the service, their records are the property of the notary (i.e. public and not private laws prevail)

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Need a Mobile Notary Public in Tennessee?

If you need a mobile notary in Tennessee, you’ll know by the language on your forms. At the end of the form, there should be a place for a notary’s signature and seal. Some documents call for a witness, and a notary can serve this purpose, too. Most documents and forms that are filed with the court require a notary.

  • Affidavits


  • Mortgage closing documents

    Mortgage closing documents

  • Wills


  • Designations of beneficiary

    Designations of beneficiary

  • Medical directives

    Medical directives

  • Affidavits of independent professional advice

    Affidavits of independent professional advice

  • service-icon1

    Real estate documents

  • service list icon8

    Structured settlements

  • Supporting

    Supporting documents for disability claims

  • plus


A Notary That Comes To You

Detail-oriented duty is what the Notary Public in Tennessee is all about. But the modernizing of a few of these details shows that the State has an interest in making it easier than ever to access Notary Publics across the state.

Superior Notary Service simplifies this process further by helping individuals find notary publics on demand. Contact us to learn more about how and where to find a notary at any time of day, including off-hours and weekends.

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How it Works

Our easy-to-use services can be accessed in the comfort of your home or office through our four-step process.

  • Receive Signing Order 
  • Documents Sent to a Signing Agent
  • Updates Modifications & Confirmations 
  • Completion & Prompt Invoicing 

In Office Notary Fees

The fees a notary may charge are set by the State. The most common fee is $6 for a standard oath or affirmation and seal

Mobile Notary Fees

If you are looking for a one time service. we offer notary signing services in our office and mobile signing services across the United States. Our maximum fee for the mobile notary services in the US is $75


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