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A notary public plays a critical role in the completion of certain documents. If you need to complete a real estate transaction, submit a power of attorney, or complete an affidavit, you may find a need for a Rhode Island Notary Public.

There are many activities that a notary public can endorse in Rhode Island. To understand if you will require the services of a notary public, learn more about what notaries in Rhode Island do.

Notary Agent’s Duties

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The notary public can then serve several duties including taking acknowledgments, administering oaths, executing jurats, witnessing signatures, certifying copies, executing protests, and issuing subpoenas to witnesses.

One of the most important things that a Notary Public in Rhode Island does is deter fraud in relation to legal documents. Notarization is the official process of assuring that a document is authentic and can be trusted.

In Rhode Island, the Governor appoints notaries while the Secretary of State maintains records and regulates the actions of a notary public.

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A notary public can apply online through the Rhode Island Secretary of State website, where they must submit an application and fee. There are certain requirements that a person must meet to achieve notary public status.

Rhode Island allows attorneys to become a notary public and has in place specific requirements for those who are not attorneys. Non-attorney applicants must have a city clerk, a town clerk, or city board member endorse their application and attest to their registered voter status.

Additional requirements include:

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must be able to speak, read, and write English
  • Must be aware of and have knowledge of the powers and duties of a notary public
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent legal resident

Once approved, a notary public commission lasts for four years. A Rhode Island Notary Public is not required to have a notary bond, log book, or seal. Even though the seal is not required by law, it is still recommended.

Need a Mobile Notary Public in Rhode Island?

If you need a mobile notary in Rhode Island, you’ll know by the language on your forms. At the end of the form, there should be a place for a notary’s signature and seal. Some documents call for a witness, and a notary can serve this purpose, too. Most documents and forms that are filed with the court require a notary.

  • Affidavits


  • Mortgage closing documents

    Mortgage closing documents

  • Wills


  • Designations of beneficiary

    Designations of beneficiary

  • Medical directives

    Medical directives

  • Affidavits of independent professional advice

    Affidavits of independent professional advice

  • service-icon1

    Real estate documents

  • service list icon8

    Structured settlements

  • Supporting

    Supporting documents for disability claims

  • plus


A Notary That Comes To You

Should you need help with any of the duties that a Notary Public in Rhode Island offers, you will want to locate one nearby that has an active commission.

You may not know where to find a notary public, but Superior Notary Services is here to help.

We can connect you with a local Rhode Island Notary Public. Contact us today to learn more

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How it Works

Our easy-to-use services can be accessed in the comfort of your home or office through our four-step process.

  • Receive Signing Order 
  • Documents Sent to a Signing Agent
  • Updates Modifications & Confirmations 
  • Completion & Prompt Invoicing 

In Office Notary Fees

The fees a notary may charge are set by the State. The most common fee is $6 for a standard oath or affirmation and seal

Mobile Notary Fees

If you are looking for a one time service. we offer notary signing services in our office and mobile signing services across the United States. Our maximum fee for the mobile notary services in the US is $75


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