Are you buying a used car? Signing a contract? Completing a will? Whatever type of legal document it may be, you need a notarial certificate from a notary public to make it official.

Without a notarial certificate, your documents will not be valid in court. Instead, they are considered ineffective in the eyes of the law.

Basically, if you don’t get your essential legal documents notarized by a notary public, you could face repercussions in your personal or professional life when you try to utilize them. 

The good news is that experienced notaries near you can verify and notarize any documents you want to be legitimized. However, finding a notary in Alabama can be a hassle. You’ll need to locate one at a nearby government office or store and set an appointment that works for your schedule. 


Depending on where you live and the notary’s availability, your appointment may be set weeks in advance. This is the last thing you want since it can cause significant setbacks — especially if you need a notary for a time-sensitive document. 

But with Superior Notary Services, you can find a reliable and certified Alabama notary who can meet you anytime and anyplace.

You can request a notary near you with the click of a button and enjoy the convenience of working with a traveling notary. Learn more about how Superior Notary Services can help you find the perfect Alabama notary today. 

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Whether it’s for business or personal use, chances are that you’ll eventually need to have a document notarized. 

Necessary paperwork like contracts, wills, and sales bills can be official legal documents, but they require notarization to be seen as valid in a court of law. Without a notary’s seal on documents like these, you can’t legally use them. 

So if you need a document to be notarized, you need a notary public. 

An Alabama notary public can help you with various legally binding documents. They are essential servants of the public tasked with identifying all signers, ensuring that all parties understand what they’re signing, and witnessing signatures or oaths.

Once the process is done, they will place their state-official notary seal on the document to certify its legitimacy. 

In Alabama, you’ll need a notary for two notarial acts: 

  • Jurats: This is a sworn statement that requires a verbal affirmation or oath. Jurats are typically used to confirm the validity of the document’s contents. To complete a jurat, you will need a proper photo ID, like a driver’s license or state-issued ID. 
  • Acknowledgments: An acknowledgment is when the signer’s identity has been verified, and they have willingly signed the document. You don’t have to sign acknowledgments in front of a notary, but you will need to be present for them to verify that the signature is yours. You will need an official form of ID for this as well.

It’s important to remember that notaries are not equipped to give you legal advice. Their job is to verify signers’ identities and certify legal documents with a notary seal. 

If you need a notary, you can find one in government offices like the county clerk’s office or shipping stores like USPS or UPS — but unfortunately, notaries aren’t always on hand at all times. More often than not, you’ll need to call ahead or make an appointment with a notary.

Even more difficult, you’ll have to find something that works with their schedule. This option isn’t ideal when you need a notary right away or don’t have time to meet at a location that’s out of your way.

But with Superior Notary Services, a notary public from Alabama will come to you. All of our notaries are vetted and verified, which makes the process 100% hassle-free, reliable, and most importantly, conveniently tailored to match your schedule. 

Notary Agent’s Duties

Alabama Notary Public Duties

In Alabama, a notary’s duty is essentially the same as it is in every other state. They ensure that:

  • The signers understand the contents of the documents they’re signing.
  • The signers of the documents have valid identification. 
  • The signers signed willingly without intimidation or coercion. 
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Additionally, a notary may perform other services, such as: 

  • Taking necessary acknowledgments and jurats
  • Administering oaths and affirmations
  • Placing the notary seal on the verified document(s)
  • Making certified copies and sending documents (optional per the notary’s services)

It’s essential you work with an experienced notary who understands the details of a notary’s duties and the gravity of their work.

The reality is that when you need to hire a notary, it’s because you’re signing a legally binding document. The notary, therefore, must make sure that everything is in order so there is no potential for fraud or misunderstanding.

When all of these duties are satisfied, the notary can seal these official documents and verify their authenticity. 

Some of the most common documents that a notary may notarize are: 

  • Trusts
  • Deeds
  • Wills
  • Medical documents
  • Powers of attorney
  • Agreements over a long distance
  • Affidavits
  • Mortgage closing documents
  • Designations of beneficiaries
  • Affidavits of independent professional advice
  • Real estate documents
  • Structured settlements
  • Supporting documents for disability claims
  • Loan signings

Whatever you need to notarize, your first step is to set an appointment with an available notary. More often than not, you can find a notary at shipment stores or government offices. Still, the issue is that their availability may not match yours — especially if you need a notary as soon as possible. 

That’s why working with a mobile notary is the best option, no matter the situation. Instead of waiting days or potentially weeks, you can have an experienced Alabama notary public come to you anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Notary Services for Alabama with Superior Notary Services

Forms that require notarization are considered legally-binding documents, which means they’re seen as valid in the courtroom. Because of the seriousness behind these stamps, specific steps and precautions must take place when signing or affirming your signature. 

So when you do need a notary, it’s best to work with someone who is familiar with Alabama notary law and can adjust to your schedule. 

One of our notaries can verify your documents at your preferred location, whether that’s at your home, in the office, or another public setting, like a coffee shop or a courtroom. Our notaries can even service you via remote online notarization to make the process simpler. 

Whatever it is you need notarized, you can schedule a mobile notary to meet all parties at any location. Or, if you prefer, the notary can meet with each party separately, gather signatures, and notarize individually before bringing the documents to you or faxing them out to the necessary destinations. 

No matter what, Superior Notary Services prides itself on being flexible, dependable, and trustworthy. 

  • Affidavits


  • Mortgage closing documents

    Mortgage closing documents

  • Wills


  • Designations of beneficiary

    Designations of beneficiary

  • Medical directives

    Medical directives

  • Affidavits of independent professional advice

    Affidavits of independent professional advice

  • service-icon1

    Real estate documents

  • service list icon8

    Structured settlements

  • Supporting

    Supporting documents for disability claims

  • plus


An Alabama Mobile Notary that Comes to You, Anytime, Anywhere!

Our trained and vetted notaries are commissioned and certified to notarize within the state of Alabama — but their services go well beyond reliable notarization! They are mobile and will come to you anytime, whether on the weekends, during the holidays, or before or after regular work hours. 

In addition to 24/7 availability, one of the most critical benefits that mobile notaries provide is that they can come to you anywhere. This is especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, where mobile notaries are in high demand in healthcare environments, like hospitals and nursing homes. 

Your notary will arrive when you need them, follow requirements, and make your experience as streamlined as possible, whether you need to complete a healthcare proxy or living will.

This way, you won’t have to leave your loved one’s bedside. You can focus on being there for them while having essential documents notarized. 

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How it Works

Superior Notary Services makes booking a mobile notary simple. So even if you’re not tech-savvy, you might be surprised to learn how easy it is to find a notary and request one at your preferred time and place. All you have to do to notarize your documents is use our four-step process:

  • Receive the signing order 
  • Documents are sent to a signing agent
  • Make updates, modifications, and confirmations 
  • Completion of documents and prompt invoicing 


In-Office Notary Fees

In Alabama, in-office notary service fees are regulated by the state’s office, which sets the maximum cost a notary can charge for specific services. According to the state’s laws, notaries can charge up to $5 per acknowledgment, jurat, verbal oath, and affirmation.

Mobile Notary Fees

Since mobile notaries travel to and from various offices, homes, and other meeting places to perform notarial acts, the cost of a mobile notary may vary. The cost will account for travel time and mileage. If you’re looking for a one-time service, our minimum fee within the United States is $75.


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