Jurats and Acknowledgements: What's The Difference?

Jurats and acknowledgements are topics that do not need any introduction for those working in the notary capacity. However, for a layman, there are differences between the two. It is crucial to understand what sets Jurats apart from acknowledgements because they are often confused due to the significantly high number of similarities between them.  Both Jurats and acknowledgements are certificates that are used to authenticate identity of the individual signing the document.

Protecting Your Assets: The Importance of Legal Documentation for Entrepreneurs

Estate planning is an important element to consider for entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you have blazed your own trail and created everything you’ve attained from scratch. In order to ensure that your business and other assets thrive for years to come, it is important to have your legal documents and a business continuation plan in case anything ever happened to you.

Sample Notary Statements & Form Samples

The purpose a notary statement serves is to verify the authenticity of a statement or act. These notary statements have introduced a peace of mind as they demystify and streamline the authentication process. While these statements are primarily used to verify written statements during court proceedings, they are also used in a variety of legal transactions such as real estate or finance-related dealings.

How to Notarize Divorce Papers

By the notarization of divorce papers, the identity of the person signing them is certified. In order to notarize divorce papers, it is necessary that you work with a licensed divorce notary public. It is usually very easy to locate notaries as a majority of real estate departments, banks, law firms and insurance companies employ notaries that are able to notarize divorce papers. Upon finding the divorce notary, you need to provide them the documents. After looking over the divorce papers, the notary public then verifies you to the case of the divorce as a valid party.

The following is a list of things to do while consulting a divorce notary public for notarizing divorce papers:

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