Notary Services for Attorneys – How We Can Help

Notary Services for Attorneys

Our attorneys have a very important job that encompasses a wide range of duties and behaviors, from acting in good faith to handling disputes. The power of an attorney should not be underestimated, because these professionals at law are able to provide legal aid that serves the interests of the Principal person. It is common for a lawyer to be monitored by someone leading a court case, so as to make sure they are managing the Principal’s affairs in the right manner. Citizens of a particular location and anybody who hires one of our attorneys to handle their case, whether it is related to civil litigation or family law, will benefit from notary services for attorneys.

What are Notarial Services?

The government in various locations may penalize if you fail to get notary services for attorneys. A professional in the civil law industry will possess the power to not only certify legal documents, but also to legalize, authenticate and notarize them. Generally, notarial services will be required for an affidavit, but will only be available by appointment. The task of providing notary services can be somewhat time consuming and, therefore, it is wise to plan ahead if you want to gain the best possible legal direction. As long as things are in accordance with the law, an attorney could help with land purchases, adoption, financial support, employment contracts, wills and more.

What Do These Services Include?

All notary services for attorneys will be provided with the Principal in mind. We guarantee that all of our services are for the benefit of the person requesting them. It is also possible for a foreign national to have their documents notarized. However, the documents can then only be used in the country in which the foreign national received notary assistance. Your attorney will be completely responsible for drafting the documents legally and authenticating the documents. Everything will be completed in accordance with the law.

Most commonly, services will include:

  • The power of an attorney
  • The acknowledgment of a signature
  • Affidavit for legal marriage
  • Driver’s license (international)

What are the Requirements?

There are a set of requirements that one must pay thought to ahead of getting notary services for attorneys. A government-issued photo ID must be taken to a notarial services unit (like ours), as well as the requested fee. Fees vary from state to state and, typically, cash or card payments will be accepted. Remember that the contents of the document that is being notarized must be understood by our attorneys, as a legal explanation is not legally allowed when the documents are being notarized.

The following details must be contributed with honesty:

  • Names
  • Places
  • Dates

Staff will be unable to act as a witness. If you feel that a witness must be present, this can be arranged on our part, because notary services for attorneys do not include supplying the witnesses. Any documents that prohibit the law may result in notary services being refused, making our services worthwhile.

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