Valid IDs for Seniors

There are many lifestyle changes you’ll experience when you get to be a certain age, and one of them is the types of ID you keep handy. Some seniors choose not to drive, which means the driver’s license – one of the most common forms of identification people carry – isn’t available. Lack of proper ID can become an issue if you need to execute and use a notary public for important documents, like those dealing with real estate or estate planning. Check out this list of valid ID’s for seniors to ensure you’re never without the proper paperwork.

Using a Signing Service Can Increase Productivity

Fraud can be widespread when executing some documents, but it’s preventable when you have a notary public present at the time of signing. The notary public will require signatories to prove their identities and check the documents for certain details, as well as ensure that people aren’t signing due to threats or intimidation. However, having to head to an off-site location for notarization can be a hassle. Consider using a mobile notary public, which offers several benefits to all involved parties.

Notary History

Notary history has come a long way from the scribes of Ancient Egypt to the mobile notary services of today. However, one central theme has prevailed throughout the years: The role of the notary public has always been highly regarded and worthy of a respected public official. Historical figures had different reasons for involving notary professionals, even before they were used to prevent fraud – which is primarily what they do today. Here’s a look back at the notary public from the early ages and some other historical references to notarization.

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