Notary Signing Agent Vs Notary Public

You might have heard the terms “notary public” and “notary signing agent” tossed around together, but the truth is that the two positions are quite different. There are certain transactions and situations where you would choose one or the other, so it’s important to find the right fit with a notary professional. While you should consult with relevant experts to determine whether a notary public or signing agent will serve your needs, you can benefit from some general information on how these two roles operate.

How to Refer Business to a Notary Public

Many businesses require the services of a notary public or notary signing agent, and they typically partner with these professionals to handle their day-to-day needs. These same companies are often approached by other organizations that need notary services, but aren’t sure where to find the best fit. If you’re asked about notary professionals by a company that you do business with, here’s what to consider so that you put them in touch with the right services.

History of the Notary Seal

You may be generally aware of what’s involved with “notarizing” a document as part of a transaction, but do you really understand the reasons why a notary seal is required? The mandate of having paperwork executed with a notary service goes back many years, and the process is actually founded with a view to deterring fraud. Have a look back at the history of the notary seal, from early to modern times, to help you better understand why it continues to play a role in many transactions.

Recent Law Updates for Notaries

Much like the laws governing other professions that require certification, regulation of the notary service industry is constantly changing. Whether you’re a notary professional or you deal with notaries in the course of your business, it’s smart to know the recent law updates so you can stay current with new requirements. Each state has different rules, so these laws will vary in their impact upon various transactions. Here are some of the key changes that pertain for notary publics and notary signing agents.

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