What Is a Certified/Attested Photocopy?

The most common act performed by notaries is the witnessing of a document’s signing, also known as the document’s execution. The notary public verifies the signer’s identity, ensuring he or she is who they claim to be, and then watches as the person signs the document. Depending on the state’s requirements (notarial acts vary from state to state), the notary public may place a notary seal on the document as well.

Notary Record Book/Journal Requirements

Depending on the notary’s state of commission, he or she may be legally required to keep a record book or journal of the notarial acts they’ve performed. This serves as an invaluable tool of reference for the notary public, allowing his or her to see notarial acts performed for clients in the past by scanning through a journal. Even if it’s not required in a notary’s respective state, keeping one will still prove beneficial in the long run.

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