Common Notary Mistakes to Avoid

From an outsider’s perspective, the job of a notary public may seem simple enough; the notary witnesses and authenticates various documents as a safety measure to prevent fraud. The notary observes the signature taking place, checks the signer’s identify, and then stamps his or her seal on the document. But there are some common mistakes made by notaries that places the document at risk for being invalid. (more…)

5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Public Notary

With over 4.5 million state-appointed public notaries in the U.S., choosing one to perform a service can be a challenge. Whether the service involves an estate, deed, power of attorney or any other document that requires notarizing, you want to choose the candidate best suited for the job. Just because he or she touts the “Certified Public Notary” doesn’t necessarily mean they are fitted for your particular needs. (more…)

Uh Oh! There’s No Room Left For a Notary Stamp or Seal

Placing the notary stamp (also known as a notary seal) on a document is one of the most important steps in providing a notarial service. All 50 states require public notaries to place their respective stamp on documents as a means to finalize and authenticate the service. Without this stamp, the document is not legally notarized. (more…)

How To Succeed as a Mobile Notary

Working as a mobile notary of public is a fun and rewarding profession that gives you the opportunity to meet and help new people on a daily basis. Unlike other careers that force workers to perform the same monotonous tasks over and over, each day is different in the field of mobile notary. Of course, this is just one of the reasons why so many people take an interest in this profession. (more…)